Limited edition hermes in recent years

If the market which products, even if the second-hand dare and now the store selling new products with the same price, or even more expensive than the store’s new product is bound to think of the first Hermes. Last week Hermes announced the results of the first half of the financial newsletter, even in the turbulent sales in France is still up 8.9% year on year, and even the Greater China region has achieved growth, in general is: Hermes!

As to why the environment is so poor can have such a good performance, with the toes are guessed, so excellent performance depends on Hermes itself most proud of the product: leather products.

Hermes on the other products on the performance of specific products do not elaborate here, and Hermes counters to listen to their own detailed description of the shop, but in all fairness of his home products are worthy of his family’s reputation, are good things, but was criticized by the Peihuo Policy drag sometimes can not really experience their good.

A lot of people into the store openings will birkin, kelly, constance, black, etoupe, white. You want the clerk also know. But for more Hermes powder, simply a togo, epsom and the like can not meet them, from lizards to ostriches and then to the crocodile, from the stop to the latest color to special order to the limited edition, Himalayan is no longer rare , Now want is unique.