How much is a hermes kelly bag?

In 1984, Jane Birkin met a man on an AirFrance flight when something in her bag was scattered, and the man next to her said, “You should have a bag in your pocket.” Jane Birkin replied: Wait until the Herm├Ęs brand to produce a bag with a bag, I will buy. “The man replied:” I am Hermes, I will make a bag with your pocket. “Hermes in the Chinese market has been subject to Celebrity stars are sought after, has become a tool for the Chinese people show off their wealth.

This man is Mr. Jean-LouisDumas, Hermes brand CEO, based on this coincidence, Birkin bag came into being. JaneBirkin put forward a proposal, you can design a larger package than the Kelly package section, there is the rage of the Birkin bag. Hermes bags Hermes Kelly bag and Birkin bag two, two bags have a different style so it is easy to distinguish it!

In 1892, Hermes Kelly bag prototype HightBag available in 1930, modify the size, convenient with the ladies to carry, Hermes is a limited edition products. Hermes Kelly bag (HermesKelly) fame in 1956, “Life” magazine, when the magazine published the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly (GraceKelly) pregnant carrying a Hermes Kelly bag (HermesKelly) photos, and “HightBag” And since then changed to HermesKelly, and thus rolled up a frenzy. In 1980, Kelly bag increased by 40 cm of the new, initially only 28 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm three models.

After 1970, manufactured by Hermes Kelly bag (HermesKelly) have a unique mark on the strap, which represents the factory, followed by the year, the last representative of the code of manufacturing craftsmen. When Hermes Kelly bag needs repair, they will be returned to the craftsman number.