Hermes stock was strongly hit

Luxury environment, the overall turmoil also caused no small impact on Hermes. At present, Hermes is the only one to provide sales growth forecast specific data of the European luxury brands. Hermes CEO Axel Dumas said in a press conference on Wednesday, the current economic environment and the exchange rate are unstable, the Group will no longer be issued annual forecast data, but he stressed that the Group’s goal will remain locked out as the broader market.

Axel Dumas, the brand in Nice, Ghana and Paris, the three places in the sale of July 14 after the terrorist attacks hit, a large number of tourists turned to Milan and London to buy luxury goods, the group’s sales caused no small impact .

Although declined to disclose in July and August Hermes sales, Axel Dumas said that the trend will continue in the second quarter to the third quarter.

In July’s second-quarter earnings report, Hermes expects comparable-year sales to be lower than the previously established medium-term growth target (+ 8%), compared to + 10% two years ago.

The market that, Hermes lower annual sales growth is expected, which means that the luxury industry leader in the future return to normal from high growth.

In the first half of the end of June, Hermes sales revenue of 24.4 billion euros, according to the same exchange rate increased by 7%, net profit of 545 million euros, an increase of 13%, sales in mainland China continued to rise, Hong Kong and Macau And no impact on the market. Leather goods and horses with an increase of 16%, the most prominent performance, due to the new producers and production facilities, leather goods and harness production capacity increased by 8%.

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