The most exciting store behind hermes scarf

30s of last century, the Hermes family’s third-generation descendant of the Emir Hermes wandering the streets when the soldiers were attracted by the handkerchief, exclaimed that even the iron has so tender little thing! To find inspiration, he decided to use a horse Of silk to make square.

The so-called classic Size, refers to the Hermes 90cm * 90cm square, the current domestic price of 3,400 yuan counter. In addition to the history of the first Hermes scarf size is 90cm * 90cm, its special also lies in – the use of twill weave, on the surface of a unique process, such as covering a layer of film. Therefore, the touch feel, it is slightly harder than the other size of the square, not from the pleat, three-dimensional sense of strong, so knotting methods are also changing, easy to play freely.

Each year, like Hermes and clothing, spring and summer and autumn and winter series released two series of scarves, each part of the series is a new graphic design, part of the past, the classic pattern of re-color.

From 1937 to 2016, Hermes has designed a total of more than 2000 scarves. But even more alarming than this figure is that they still insist on manual work!

In addition to time-consuming and laborious, they choose the fabric is also quite harsh – is a special butterfly from Brazil silk made of natural silk. Butterfly output of 300 eggs, can be made of 450 km of silk, just to weave a classic size of the square.

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