LV and Hermes’s limits e-commerce platforms to fight against counterfeit

Online sales has become a luxury one of the most important channels of making money. Especially in the last two years, luxury goods business to double-digit growth rate. In addition to sales, the Internet platform for the luxury brand image is also good. But also broaden the channel breed a lot of fake luxury goods online behavior.

The extension of the product to the Internet inevitably affects the pricing model and supply chain. Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) and Hermes (Hermes) know this, other counterparts have opened up a third party electricity channel, the Louis Vuitton and Hermes still maintain the exclusive power of business operators. In their view, this will ensure a consistent customer experience, but also help to reduce the flow of counterfeit products.

In fact, in the past year and a half, the exchange rate fluctuations challenge the pricing of luxury goods and inventory allocation, which makes the network operation has become even more difficult. Peer Kaiyun Group has its own luxury brands, such as Gucci and other assigned to the Yoox, Net-A-Porter and other third parties.

Sales of hermes leather handbags in the second seasonal year

Hermes Group, a platinum and silk scarf as the iconic product of the quarter revenue growth of 6.2% recorded 1.25 billion euros, according to real-time exchange rate was 13.9 billion US dollars, up 8.1% over the same period last year, exceeding analyst expectations, Hermes Group The growth rate in the first quarter was 6.1%. Exchange rate fluctuations affect the first half of this year’s Hermes revenue, the amount of loss of 25 million euros.

Despite the impact of the terrorist attacks on the flow of tourists in France, but Hermes Group in the second quarter sales growth is still as high as 8.9%, while the US and Japanese markets recorded strong growth, growth rates were 12.1% and 7.3%. The growth rate in Europe excluding France is 6.7% higher than that in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan.

According to Hermes Group’s second-quarter results, leather goods and supplies are still leading a horse, an increase of 15.2%. Hermes Group in the first half of the significant growth in quality, its products, including the best-selling platinum package and Kelly bag, as well as Constance, Halzan and Lindy and so outstanding. The growing category also includes watches and perfumes, including the Group’s new Terre d’Hermes fragrances and family cologne popular, in the second quarter the group’s fragrance sales increased by 11%.

However, the Hermes Group’s clothing and jewelry series in the second quarter sales fell 3.9%, its silk and textile products are not optimistic about the decline of 6.5% this quarter, other products, including jewelry home also fell 3%.

Hermes stock was strongly hit

Luxury environment, the overall turmoil also caused no small impact on Hermes. At present, Hermes is the only one to provide sales growth forecast specific data of the European luxury brands. Hermes CEO Axel Dumas said in a press conference on Wednesday, the current economic environment and the exchange rate are unstable, the Group will no longer be issued annual forecast data, but he stressed that the Group’s goal will remain locked out as the broader market.

Axel Dumas, the brand in Nice, Ghana and Paris, the three places in the sale of July 14 after the terrorist attacks hit, a large number of tourists turned to Milan and London to buy luxury goods, the group’s sales caused no small impact .

Although declined to disclose in July and August Hermes sales, Axel Dumas said that the trend will continue in the second quarter to the third quarter.

In July’s second-quarter earnings report, Hermes expects comparable-year sales to be lower than the previously established medium-term growth target (+ 8%), compared to + 10% two years ago.

The market that, Hermes lower annual sales growth is expected, which means that the luxury industry leader in the future return to normal from high growth.

In the first half of the end of June, Hermes sales revenue of 24.4 billion euros, according to the same exchange rate increased by 7%, net profit of 545 million euros, an increase of 13%, sales in mainland China continued to rise, Hong Kong and Macau And no impact on the market. Leather goods and horses with an increase of 16%, the most prominent performance, due to the new producers and production facilities, leather goods and harness production capacity increased by 8%.

Limited edition hermes in recent years

If the market which products, even if the second-hand dare and now the store selling new products with the same price, or even more expensive than the store’s new product is bound to think of the first Hermes. Last week Hermes announced the results of the first half of the financial newsletter, even in the turbulent sales in France is still up 8.9% year on year, and even the Greater China region has achieved growth, in general is: Hermes!

As to why the environment is so poor can have such a good performance, with the toes are guessed, so excellent performance depends on Hermes itself most proud of the product: leather products.

Hermes on the other products on the performance of specific products do not elaborate here, and Hermes counters to listen to their own detailed description of the shop, but in all fairness of his home products are worthy of his family’s reputation, are good things, but was criticized by the Peihuo Policy drag sometimes can not really experience their good.

A lot of people into the store openings will birkin, kelly, constance, black, etoupe, white. You want the clerk also know. But for more Hermes powder, simply a togo, epsom and the like can not meet them, from lizards to ostriches and then to the crocodile, from the stop to the latest color to special order to the limited edition, Himalayan is no longer rare , Now want is unique.

How much is a hermes kelly bag?

In 1984, Jane Birkin met a man on an AirFrance flight when something in her bag was scattered, and the man next to her said, “You should have a bag in your pocket.” Jane Birkin replied: Wait until the Herm├Ęs brand to produce a bag with a bag, I will buy. “The man replied:” I am Hermes, I will make a bag with your pocket. “Hermes in the Chinese market has been subject to Celebrity stars are sought after, has become a tool for the Chinese people show off their wealth.

This man is Mr. Jean-LouisDumas, Hermes brand CEO, based on this coincidence, Birkin bag came into being. JaneBirkin put forward a proposal, you can design a larger package than the Kelly package section, there is the rage of the Birkin bag. Hermes bags Hermes Kelly bag and Birkin bag two, two bags have a different style so it is easy to distinguish it!

In 1892, Hermes Kelly bag prototype HightBag available in 1930, modify the size, convenient with the ladies to carry, Hermes is a limited edition products. Hermes Kelly bag (HermesKelly) fame in 1956, “Life” magazine, when the magazine published the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly (GraceKelly) pregnant carrying a Hermes Kelly bag (HermesKelly) photos, and “HightBag” And since then changed to HermesKelly, and thus rolled up a frenzy. In 1980, Kelly bag increased by 40 cm of the new, initially only 28 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm three models.

After 1970, manufactured by Hermes Kelly bag (HermesKelly) have a unique mark on the strap, which represents the factory, followed by the year, the last representative of the code of manufacturing craftsmen. When Hermes Kelly bag needs repair, they will be returned to the craftsman number.

Top 10 luxury fashion brands in the world

I believe that many of my friends for the luxury brand is known but I do not know why, maybe know Dior, Chanel, Hermes know, LV, but for their brand their story you know how much? Perhaps we do not necessarily have to have a luxury, but for several major luxury brands we have to understand, at least let yourself have a fashion taste of the people, let us look at the world’s top ten fashion luxury brands .

Hermes (Hermes) is a world-renowned luxury brand, founded in 1837 by ThierryHermes in Paris, France, early to create high-level harness started, so far, 170 years of history. Hermes is a loyal to the traditional handicrafts, the constant pursuit of innovation in international enterprises, now has bags, scarves ties, men, women and life works of art, such as seventeen series. Hermes’s headquarters in Paris, France, branches all over the world, opened in 1996 in Beijing, China’s first Hermes store, “Hermes” Greater China unified Chinese translation. Hermes has been adhering to the extraordinary excellence, extremely gorgeous design concept, creating a very classic example of elegance.

Founder GabrielleChanel Chanel in 1913 in Paris, France, founded the Chanel brand. Chanel’s wide range of products, clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, perfume, each product is well known, especially her perfume and fashion. Chanel (CHANEL) is a 80 years of experience of the famous brand, Chanel fashion always has elegant, simple, elegant style, she is good at breaking the tradition of early 1940s on the successful “five tied” women to simple, comfortable , Which is perhaps the first modern casual wear.

He is the history of France, one of the most outstanding leather designer, in Paris in 1854 opened his own name in the first suitcase shop. A century later, Louis Vuitton leather and leather goods to become one of the best brands in the field, and become a symbol of high society. Now Louis Vuitton brand is not limited to the design and sale of high-grade leather goods and bags, but to become involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, wines and other areas of the giant trend indicators. From the early LV suitcase to the annual Paris T stage of the ever-changing LV fashion show, LV (Louis Vuitton) has been able to stand in the top position of the international fashion industry, proud of the list of luxury brands, lies in its own Unique brand DNA.

The most exciting store behind hermes scarf

30s of last century, the Hermes family’s third-generation descendant of the Emir Hermes wandering the streets when the soldiers were attracted by the handkerchief, exclaimed that even the iron has so tender little thing! To find inspiration, he decided to use a horse Of silk to make square.

The so-called classic Size, refers to the Hermes 90cm * 90cm square, the current domestic price of 3,400 yuan counter. In addition to the history of the first Hermes scarf size is 90cm * 90cm, its special also lies in – the use of twill weave, on the surface of a unique process, such as covering a layer of film. Therefore, the touch feel, it is slightly harder than the other size of the square, not from the pleat, three-dimensional sense of strong, so knotting methods are also changing, easy to play freely.

Each year, like Hermes and clothing, spring and summer and autumn and winter series released two series of scarves, each part of the series is a new graphic design, part of the past, the classic pattern of re-color.

From 1937 to 2016, Hermes has designed a total of more than 2000 scarves. But even more alarming than this figure is that they still insist on manual work!

In addition to time-consuming and laborious, they choose the fabric is also quite harsh – is a special butterfly from Brazil silk made of natural silk. Butterfly output of 300 eggs, can be made of 450 km of silk, just to weave a classic size of the square.